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Live Journal page #2

I thought the other page was getting kinda long so I made a new one.

Well as I said on my home page Drakespass won 3rd place at the battle of the bands last night. I'm so proud of them. Anyways... I feel like crap today. I've been sick lately and I haven't had time to just relax and get over what ever I have. It has sucked but I still had a blast this weekend. I can't wait till the 25th. Than I can finally get my license. Only 2 more weeks!!! So yea... I don't know what else to say. Umm I miss my little brother Danny. I love you Danny :-P. Bla bla bla bla bla. Well I guess that's it. Love to all Bye bye.

I feel like shit today, I feel like shit today, I really, really, really feel like shit today. Anyways I hope all my friends had a fun time at school I really wanted to go but as I said before I feel like shit today. I missed everyone; mostly Josh and Tracy but I miss everyone. Right now Im looking for a new job. I decided Im going to quit working at geppeddo on Wednesday. My boss is too much of a bitch for me to handle any more. She is giving me a total guilt trip about not going to work today. I mean come on I haven't even taken one day off. If Im scheduled to work I work. I think I should me able to call in and take a sick day don't you? So if any of you guys know of a place that is looking for help let me know. But anyways I had a weird dream last night... all Im going to say is it was about Josh and me. Nothing gross or dirty it was just strange in a sort of cool way. Well that's about all for now. Im going to go. bye bye.

Well I have been sick for the last week and I'm just starting to get over it. I hate to be sick it really sucks. Anyways I don't think I'm going to do anything on Friday. I mean I want to go to Josh's concert but I don't think I can' SO if I can't go to his concert I'm going to stay home and get to bed early. Maybe if I start to get more rest I'll get better sooner. Well I hope it works. I'm so happy that we don't have school on Monday. I can sleep in for one more day!!! I can't believe how fast I'm typing this today. It must be because I typed up 8 Always remember never forget things for the yearbook today. O my goodness they are a pain in the butt to do. But I got them all done so that is one good thing. So umm...yea my life in sorta at a stand still right now. I don't know what to do any more. I tired of getting up every day and doing the exact same thing as the one before. It's boring. Wouldn't you agree? Well anyways I'm going to go. Love you all. Bye Bye
P.S. Josh I'm sorry I act weird around you in school.I don't mean to it just happens for some reason.

I like the stupidest guys. I hate it, why do I only like guys who treat me like shit? Does anyone know the answer? *Screams* I hate this. Well Im not going to elaborate anymore. So yea bye bye

Today was a relaxing day. I got to sing with my mom in church today. It was so much fun. I love o sing in front of people. I haven't done it in so long. I really miss it. I can't wait till April for the school talent show. But anyways... I think that is about it. O wait the Mormon guy I like is looking for a place to live (well more like a room). His dad kicked him out so now he lives where ever he can. And guess what.. We have an extra room.. Sweet an't it? lol ok Im going to go bye.
P.S. Dan B. I've had a lot of fun talking to you lately. We should get together some time and hang out. (Who know what could happen after that:)

Wow weird date. Anyways sorry I havent written in my live journal in a while. My web server wont let me get in to change my site. It is making me kind of mad. But whatever. Im still sick. Its been 4 weeks going on 5. I went to a doctor on Wednesday, she told me that I have a double ear infection, sinusitis, and if I dont start to get any better that I most likely have mono. Wouldnt that be funNOT. Im so tired of being sick its not even funny. I just want to go back to the stupid, lil, HEALTHY, old me. But no its not happening. I had no school on Thursday and Friday and guess what I did. I sat on my butt at home and watched TV. TV sucks on weekdays there is nothing on at all. And guess what I have been doing all day today? I have been at home in the bathroom being sick. I hate this. *Scream* Make it stop, make it stop!!! Well I dont know what else to say. So Im gonna go. Bye bye.

Today i spent the whole day with the coolest guy in the world. The only thing is he has a girlfriend who is 20 and he is moving to Washinton state. But anyways... I don't know what else to say. So i'm gonna go.Peace.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACY!!!! Anyways now that that has been said sorry i haven't written in this for a while but my dad put up some gay ass firewall and now i can't work on this from my house. So.. yea guys confuse the shit out of me, but i bet guys say the samething about us girls.  But hopefully by Wednesday i'll have a boyfriend. i was hopeing to have a boyfriend befor this spring break but it didn't work out as planed. his dad made him stay home and pack, at least that is what i hear form his friend. Well.. umm all my friends from Annapolis High school you guys have to go to the talent show on the 20th (4:20 lol). Well yea i don't know what else to say. So i'm gonna go.
P.S. my confidon tells me this will be read so to all who care I like Kevin. OK i said it i'm gonna go now. bye bye

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