Cherry Inside And Out


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My Writings

This page will features some of my poems and any other things I have written that I'm particularly proud of.

Outside I'm happy, inside I'm crazy
All these things happening around me
All these things I feel inside
Why does the world put me down
Down so low I'm past the ground

Crazy inside, outside I'm not
I'm hurting inside, hurting a lot
My parents don't understand me
Neither do MOST of my friends
Why do people say it's just a phase, it will end

Outside I'm satisfied, but inside I'm longing
Longing for someone who will finally understand me
Waiting for love but in all the wrong places
Wanting to be held and never released
So many rules around me like for a freak on a leash

Inside I'm being torn, outside putting the peaces together
Peaces of a puzzle that will never be completed
Inside being torn like unwanted paper
Just waiting and longing for
Who will ever know what I'm looking for

Inside I'm screaming, outside I'm smiling
Why are they like two different worlds
Why don't I just let the inside out
I know why, I know exactly why
Because no on will know what I'm screaming about

A lesson learned while I was young
Is not one that will be undone
I learned no matter how hard they try
A little child can never lie
The circumstances may be bad
But if you lie you'll soon be had
This lesson learned while I was young
Is not one that will be undone

The wind is a very mysterious thing
It's whisper will never cease to ring
Blowing through the trees and grass
Then hitting you and rushing past
The wind will blow for this I am sure
It's quiet whisper a still, soft pure
Sometimes a soft and welcome friend
But then it can kill and never mend
The wind is a very mysterious thing
You never know what it will bring

How can I tell you how I feel?
Afraid you'll say it's no big deal
You did something I can't believe
Now to our friendship you must cleave
No more phone calls or endless notes
Your feelings of the broken vow you now must tote

Far away from me now but on the phone your with me
We talk for hours endlessly
Of love, of hate, of what we please
The distance between us though far and long
On the phone is nearly gone
Our life is still living though were not together
Soon we will be close again
To talk of love, of hate, of what we please

The age 16 is a strange age
No matter what you do it's as if your on a stage
You can try and try to fade away but up front in the spotlight you always must stay
Your friends turn around
There no ware to be found
All alone all the sudden with no ware to go
Trying to a just to what happened, the blow
You start to become who you always will be
Forever alone and to always be free

Do you know what's going thought my mind?
I'm afraid of what I alone might find.
To you I may seem like a peppy ditz,
but truly my life isn't the rits.
You see me laugh and you see me smile,
but I'm really hiding all the while.
Inside my mind so many things,
Full of passages, like an enchanted palace for a king.
Do you know what's going thought my mind?
I'm afraid of what I alone might find.

The night is bright with star lit sky
I sit and think as time goes by
Oh starry night with moon lit sky
Take me away and tell me why
Give me a reasons for loves end
Give me reason for why I lost a friend
I sit and think all night long
About the things that all went wrong
Star lit please give me a reason why

Do you ever ask yourself the five W's
Who, what, when, where, and why
Who? Is the perfect guy
What? Is he like
When? Will I find him
Where? Can he be
Why? Is it him
Well the answers are very easy
Who? Who ever he wants to be
What? He should be kind, patient, loving, polite, sweet, talkative, trustworthy, cuddly, and mine
When? When I need him the most
Where? Right in front of my face
Why? Just because that's the way it is and always will be

All my dreams I keep inside
All my hopes barely alive
Will I soar, will I fly
Or will I fall, will I die
What will come of all these things
Will I win a broken wing
Is all I love just broken glass
When will my dreams become the past
All my dreams I keep inside
All my hope barely alive

How can you judge
How can you tell
With one glance
You have no chance
To tell what's deep inside
No way to tell who they really are
Thay may look fun
They may look grim
But do you really know
The way to know
The way to tell
Is to take a deeper look
You may be amased what you will find
YOU are the real crook

So what do you think?