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Welcome to my personal web site!

Look around and see for yourself.

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All my friends have a web site so I though, "why not me? On this web site you will get a little look in to the life of me Megan (AKA: Cherry). You will get to know about my weird little obsession with Gwen Stefani (and if your wondering NO Im not a lesbian), get to read some of my writings. I write a lot of poetry so some of them will be posted on this site. And you will get to know a lot more about me

To everyone who comes to my lil site thankyou. And please please please sign my guestbook.


I have the greatest boyfriends in the world!!!

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Favorite Quotes

*A True Friend Stabs You In The Front. Just Ask Creaser.

*You Can't Make Someone Love You All You Can Do Is Be Someone Who Can Be Loved.

*You Think You Know But You Have No Idea.

*When I Take A Breath It's You I Breathe.

*Your In Everyone I See, So Tell Me Do You See Me?

*How Can I Tell You How I Feel? I'm Afraid You'll Say It's No Be Deal

*Now the rain is hitting the window... each drop a single burden, worry, responsibility, pain, and trivial problem that I have. Watch them build up and take away my happiness. Watch them cause a flood, watch them corrode solid stone, the beautiful tears from the heavens. Sometimes, it's all the small things that really matter. (I got this from my friend Dan's journal. I like it.)

*To the world You may just be a person,But to one person You may just be the world. (I got this from my friend Brandon's info)

*Kissing more than one person in a day can result in
you not being allowed to kiss one of those parties anymore.

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